Our History

Our long standing, successful and much loved Y.C.W. Netball Club first came into being in 1961. In that year and at the instigation of Y.C.W.’s first president, Lorraine Walsh, who together with a group of dedicated young girls from St Francis Xavier Parish and a supportive committed group of volunteers helped Y.C.W. Netball Club take its first tentative steps.

Girls who had attended local primary schools, Frankston High School and Padua and Kilbreda Colleges and many who were already involved in the up and running Y.C.W. social group were approached as potential players. Young workers, other volunteers and both experienced and inexperienced netball enthusiasts became coaches, managers, transport personnel and found a myriad of other ways to be involved.

A relaxed approach to the running of the Club in those initial years worked well and was enjoyed. However, for many reasons not least of which was the clearly vibrant, supportive, communal and social spirit of the Club as well as the success it was experiencing on the court, the Club grew rapidly. By 1965, it became obvious that a more formal structure was necessary and a committee of mothers, volunteers and other interested parties was formed to oversee its day to day running. 

The following is the list of office bearers and members elected to office in 1965. 
President: Kath Oxley 
Secretary: Leonie Collopy 
Treasurer: Freda McKew

Committee members, coaches and managers of the teams: Lee Topless, Betty Walsh, Nora Cronin, Pat Bagley, Marlene Crosby, Pat Wagg and Lorraine Walsh.


From its humble beginnings and up until the end of 1966 the competition for Y.C.W. had been with other clubs that fielded teams from local Catholic parishes but in 1966, when Frankston District Netball Association was formed, this practice changed. From that time all games were played at Balmoral and Central car parks in Frankston and it was long before Y.C.W. proved itself to be a vital and valuable member of this community based organisation with its much wider horizons.

With the formation of the new FDNA, again membership flourished so that by 1976, Y.C.W. was fielding 21 teams and had become the largest club in the competition.


Mostly because of its own drive and enthusiasm, 1977 saw wide community support for FDNA and the competition grew rapidly. Individual clubs and the umbrella body, FDNA, were seen by many to be promoting and actually providing a healthy social lifestyle for local girls and young women. So it was that with negotiation and some lobbying, Frankston council established Jubilee Park complex with its clubrooms and 19 courts ensuring that the competition flourished in its new surroundings.

Since that time, and for a variety of reasons, Y.C.W. has not maintained its numbers. Others sports have grown in popularity and a lack of trained coaches and umpires have all contributed to this decline. Many mothers of players and others who traditionally in the early days would have become the volunteers at the grass roots of the club are now working mothers and so of course already have their hands full. Life has moved on. Nonetheless, in spite of this overall decline in the sport, since the 1980’s Y.C.W. has fielded 12-14 teams each year and is pleased to note that in recent times some of the players have been selected to represent Y.C.W. in squad and other state league teams such as Peninsula and Knox.

In the tradition of the club Y.C.W. still encourages its players to take up coaching and umpiring and funds interested parties to do the appropriate courses. The committee remains hard working, vibrant and efficient whilst at the same time being a fun and enjoyable social group, greatly enjoying each others’ company. The committee is always more than happy to welcome new members.

Finally, with the understanding that it is not possible to adequately acknowledge all who have contributed so much to this much loved club, the opportunity to mention the outstanding contribution of the following cannot be passed up.

Listed are our Life Members of the Y.C.W. Netball Club, all of whom have worked with tireless effort and loyal commitment. The Club is indebted to them. The people named not only served on the committee but also coached, managed teams and were players. Sadly two of them are no longer with us.

A special mention to Sheryl Woodall, Mary Leslie and Moira Ferguson all of whom played at YCW for many years who were joined in Senior A in 1977-1979 by Debbie Flintoff-King.


...and last but not least! No discussion of the YCW Netball Club would be complete without an expression of gratitude and wonder at the contribution of Leonie Collopy. 

Leonie was the driving force at the YCW netball club since its inception. Her contribution was extraordinary over 46 years with her zeal, enthusiasm, loyalty and commitment. Playing, coaching, supporting and being the backbone of the committee over many years, holding most positions on the committee.


In 2011, our club’s 50th year, the Leonie Collopy Award was introduced and presented to the Senior Best & Fairest Player. This will continue to be a testimony of our appreciation and gratitude for Leonie’s outstanding contribution to our Club.

This year in 2021, we celebrate our amazing history with our 60th Anniversary. Such an achievement would not be possible without all who started our beloved netball club and those who continue to be such strong supporters of YCW Frankston. Without the dedication from our long list of life members, we would not be here still holding strong.

Life Members


  • Lorraine Walsh (1964-1977) Player 1964-1973

  • Betty Walsh (deceased) (1964-1974)

  • Leonie Collopy (deceased) (1965-2011) Player 1979

  • Margaret Macumber (deceased) (1968-1979)

  • Joan Hirst (1968-1981)

  • Barbara Burley (1972-82, 1987-1990) Player 1979

  • Mary Leslie (1972-88, 1991-93, 1996-97) Player 1974-1981

  • Ella Mary Wagner (1974-78, 1984-96) Player 1979

  • Natalie Fly (1976-86) Player 1979

  • Norma Hyndman (1977-87, 1990, 2000) Player 1979

  • Sheryl Woodall (1980-2006) Player 1970-1990

  • Moira Ferguson (1980-1997) Player 1971-1997

  • Cheryl Burrows (1987-2002)

  • Joanne Housden (1995-2006) Player 1972-79, 1994

  • Camille Hallett (1994–2015) Player 1993-97

  • Julie Anne Meagher (1992-2014)

  • Margaret Osborne (deceased) (2002-2016)

  • Kerry Cooper (2010-2020)

  • Hannah Williams (2012-2019) Player 2005-2020

  • Josephine Matthews (2013-2020) Player 2012-2020

  • Neil Cripps (2013-2019)

  • Dee Sacco (2013-2019)